What is lawsuit?

Action, or (more rarely) "Law Suit" has brought a civil action in court, in which the applicant, the party that the defendant suffered a loss as a result of the damage if the legal or equitable remedies,. The defendant is required to respond to the applicant's appeal. If the applicant is successful, be pronounced in its favor, and issued a number of court orders, the right to compensation or a temporary or permanent injunctive relief to prevent control from an act or compel toimimaan.Toteava decision has been taken, can so that will be future litigation. Although not as common a complaint may also be a criminal, a criminal or a criminal claim to refer.

Action may be dispute resolution of private law issues between individuals, businesses or non-profit organisaatioiden.Oikeusjuttu also allow you to treat the state as if it were a private party to the dispute because the plaintiff or the defendant for damages to or can the state with a civil action for certain control laws.

Behavior is an action litigation. One, of a tendency to litigate, rather than looking for has non-judicial remedies is called käräjöimishaluinen.Kantajat and the defendants as the parties and attorneys (lawyers) to represent them is called litigators.
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